Discover the Profound Spiritual Meaning of the Periwinkle Shell!

The Spiritual Meaning of Periwinkle Shells


Periwinkle shells are a type of shell found in many coastal areas around the world. They are most commonly found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Periwinkle shells have been used for centuries for their spiritual properties, and they still hold an important place in many spiritual practices today. In this article, we will explore the history of periwinkle shells, their spiritual meaning, how they were used by ancient cultures, and how to incorporate them into your own life.

History of Periwinkle Shells

The periwinkle shell is believed to have been used as a form of currency by the ancient Greeks. It is also believed that ancient Egyptians used it as a form of trade. In addition, it is thought that the Romans used periwinkle shells to make jewelry and other decorative objects. The use of periwinkle shells has been documented throughout history and has been an important part of many cultures for centuries.

Spiritual Meaning of Periwinkle Shells

Periwinkle shells are believed to have strong spiritual properties and meanings associated with them. They are thought to be a symbol of protection, luck, and abundance. The color blue associated with these shells is believed to represent peace, serenity, and tranquility. Additionally, some believe that these shells can help bring clarity to difficult situations or decisions that need to be made in life.

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Periwinkle Shells in Ancient Cultures

In ancient times, periwinkle shells were often used as talismans or amulets by different cultures around the world. In some cultures they were believed to protect against evil spirits or bad luck while in others they were seen as symbols of fertility or prosperity. Additionally, some cultures viewed them as symbols of strength and courage or even symbols of love and friendship between two people.

Uses of Periwinkle Shells in Modern Times

Today periwinkle shells are still widely used for their spiritual properties but also for their aesthetic qualities as well. Many people use them as decorations in their homes or gardens due to their beautiful colors and shapes which can add a unique touch to any space. Additionally, they are often incorporated into jewelry designs such as necklaces or earrings which can be worn as a reminder of the positive energies associated with these special shells.

Symbolic Meanings Associated with the Color Blue

The color blue is often associated with many different symbolic meanings such as trustworthiness, loyalty, wisdom, faithfulness, truthfulness and understanding just to name a few qualities associated with this color blue hue.Additionally,blue is thought by some people to represent healing,calming,soothing,peacefulness,relaxation,stability,inspiration,intuition,creativity.These qualities are what make blue an ideal choice when incorporating periwinkle shell into your life.

How To Incorporate Periwinkle Shells Into Your Life

If you’d like to incorporate periwinkle shell into your life there are several ways you can do so.You could carry one around with you during times when you need extra protection from negative energies.You could also create jewelry pieces out of them such as necklaces or earrings which you can wear on special occasions.Furthermore,using them in meditation practices can help bring clarity during times when decision making needs to be done.Lastly,placing them around your home can bring positive energy into your space while also creating a beautiful aesthetic look at the same time.

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In conclusion,periwinkle shell has long been used for its spiritual properties throughout history due its strong connection with protection,luck,abundance and more recently its aesthetic qualities too.Its color blue also holds many symbolic meanings such as trustworthiness,loyalty wisdom etc.There are several ways one can incorporate this special shell into their lives whether it be through wearing it on jewelry pieces or placing it around ones home.Allowing oneself time for meditation while holding onto a piece can help bring clarity during difficult times too.




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