The Hidden Spiritual Significance of the Everyday Purse

The purse has been a staple of fashion and design for centuries, but its spiritual significance often goes overlooked. Purses are more than just a way to keep our belongings safe; they can also be seen as symbols of power, status, abundance, and protection. In this article, we will explore the spiritual meaning of purses throughout different cultures, religions, and eras.

 History of Purses

The concept of the purse dates back to ancient times when people carried their belongings in bags made from animal skins or woven fabrics. These bags were often decorated with intricate designs and symbols that had special significance to their owners or the cultures they belonged to. In ancient Egypt, for example, purses were often decorated with hieroglyphics that symbolized power and status.

In medieval Europe, purses were used as a sign of wealth and prosperity. People would adorn their purses with precious stones or metals as a way to show off their wealth and social standing. During this time period, it was also common for people to carry charms or amulets in their purses for protection against evil spirits or bad luck.

 Spiritual Meaning of Purses in Different Cultures

Purses have had different meanings in different cultures throughout history. In some cultures, such as those in East Asia, purses were seen as symbols of good luck and fortune. They were believed to bring abundance into one’s life if they were properly cared for and maintained. In Native American cultures, purses were seen as symbols of protection from harm or danger; they would often be filled with herbs or special stones that had protective properties for the wearer.

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Symbolic Representation of Purses in Religions

The spiritual meaning behind the purse has been represented differently in various religions throughout history as well. In Christianity, the purse is often associated with charity; it can represent giving generously to those who are less fortunate than oneself without expecting anything in return. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the purse is seen as a symbol of detachment from material possessions; it can represent letting go of attachments to worldly goods so one can focus on spiritual growth instead.

 Purse as a Symbol of Power and Status

The purse has also been used throughout history as a symbol of power and status among certain groups of people such as royalty or wealthy individuals who could afford expensive bags made out of luxurious materials such as silk or velvet. The size and quality of these bags was seen as an indication of one’s financial standing in society which could be used to gain access to certain social circles or events that would otherwise be inaccessible due to financial restrictions placed upon those who could not afford them.

 Purse as a Symbol of Abundance and Prosperity

Purses are also believed by some cultures to bring abundance into one’s life if they are properly cared for and maintained.This belief stems from ancient traditions where people would fill their purses with coins that represented wealth,health,fertility,etc., believing that doing so would bring them good fortune.Additionally,many cultures believed that carrying certain items such as herbs,stones,coins,etc., inside one’s purse could help protect them against bad luck.

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Purse as a Symbol Of Protection

Purses have long been used by many cultures around the world not only for practical purposes but also for symbolic ones.For instance,many Native American tribes believe that carrying certain items inside one’s purse will bring them protection from harm.These items can range from herbs,stones,feathers,coins,etc., all which have protective properties according to these beliefs.Additionally,many people carry charms inside their purses which serve both practical purposes (such as helping them find lost items) but also symbolic ones (such as providing protection against evil spirits).


In conclusion, we can see that the spiritual meaning behind the purse is varied depending on culture, religion, era, etc., but generally speaking it is viewed positively by most societies around the world: It is seen either as a symbol for power/status/wealth/abundance/protection/etc., depending on how it is interpreted by each individual person or culture.As we continue our exploration into spirituality through fashion we should remember this multifaceted symbolism behind an everyday accessory like the purse – something which we may take for granted today but has served an important purpose throughout human history!


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